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DIY Pet Gift in Jar

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If you’re wanting to create a special, but original, gift for the pet parents in your life this holiday season, a DIY pet gift jar just might be exactly what you’re looking for! You can personalize the jar with treats, toys, pet accessories and whatever else you want to include.

To make sure you have enough room for all the special gifts you picked out, don’t forget to take off the tags on each item. If you want the jar to pop, add pet accessories like a collar or bow tie to the outside of the jar.

For the dog jar, we chose to gift Gus a variety of items like bow ties, collar, treats and toys. Plus, the treat jar makes a great gift for the pet parent too!

pet gifts next to a jar image

For Beatrice the cat, we filled the jar with treats, collar and toys.

cat gifts next to a jar image


  • Large mason jar or treat jar
  • Small cat and dog toys
  • Treats
  • Pet accessories like a collar and bow ties
  • And whatever you may want to include