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Aquariums and Supplies

Aquariums and Supplies

What does your fish need to be healthy and happy in your home? Most of the same things you do — good things to eat, a healthy environment and a home, or tank, of their own that meets their needs and yours.

Of course, different fish have different needs. So consider this guide a starting point for stocking up on everything your new friend will need — but make sure you talk to your vet or Petco aquatics specialist for more detailed advice.

A New Home

Selecting your fish’s new home has a few key factors:


Your fish’s new home can be as grand or as simple as you want — and should be selected to make both of you happy. Coldwater species like Betta (Siamese fighting fish) live happily in small open bowls at room temperature, but other types of fish may require a little more space. Different kinds of fish may require different sized tanks to live in — make sure to ask at your Petco aquatics specialist if your new friend has any special requirements.

Temperature & Lighting & Filtration

Just as you want your house heated and cooled for your needs, fish also want to live in an environment that is comfortable for their species. A thermometer to monitor the water temperature and a heater to maintain constant warmth will be important to some fish — make sure to ask a Petco aquatics specialist what the ideal temperature needs for your fish will be.

You may also want to consider tank lighting, especially if you plan to include live plants in your aquarium. Some types of tank hoods have lighting included with the unit, providing both light and warmth.


Decorating your fish’s tank is not only fun for you — it’s creating a stimulating environment for your new friends to live in. Decorative elients like plants (real or fake), rocks, coral and other aquarium additions provide places of shelter and interest for your fish, as well as being enjoyable for you to look at!

Water Care and Testing

Clean water, regularly monitored, is very important for your new fish. Filtration systems will maintain your water quality, eliminate debris and other harmful substances from the water and help provide a nice clean tank for your fish. While water care needs will differ depending on the type of fish you select, you may need some or all of the following to keep your fish’s water in tip-top shape:

  • Water conditioner to remove chlorine from the tap water
  • Ammonia test kit
  • Nitrite test kit