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Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home and Pet Safe and Clean

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home and Pet Safe and Clean

A clean pet is a healthy pet and a healthy pet is a happy pet. Keeping your pet’s belongings fresh and clean will help ensure your pet is happy and taking a few precautions in your home will keep your pet safe. Here’s how:

  • Have two sets of food and water dishes for your pet; use one set while the other is being washed.
  • Regularly go through your pet’s toys and toss out those that are old, have sharp edges or are too dirty to clean.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding once a week in the warmest water possible. Not only does it minimizes odors, it helps keep your pet’s skin and coat clean.
  • Since your dogs sleep in their beds more than 10 hours each day, it’s ideal to replace beds every six months.
  • Cats sleep an average of 18 hours a day, so a clean, cozy bed (or two) is a must-have for all those comfy catnaps.
  • Have multiple cats? Each should have his own litter box, scooped daily and cleaned once a week using hot, soapy water (no bleach or ammonia).
  • Crates can make housetraining much easier and protect your dog and your home when you’re not there.
  • If you’re housetraining your puppy or newly adopted dog to go potty inside, choose a confined area such as a laundry room or bathroom.
  • If you’re crate-training your puppy, routinely allow potty time (outside or inside) within 15 minutes of eating, drinking or playing.
  • Any dangerous substance that you would keep away from a child also should be kept away from your pet.
  • There are many harmful substances in your home and garage that could poison your pet if ingested. Antifreeze, furniture polish, dishwasher soap, ammonia and glue are just a few.
  • Signs of pet poisoning include lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, pain or panting.
  • If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, immediately call your veterinarian, nearest animal-emergency clinic or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-4-Ani-Help.
  • Natural, pet-friendly and earth-conscious stain and odor removers make clean-up a breeze.
  • For dried stains, or stains that have soaked through carpet, use a cleaner that features enzymes, which can break down odor-causing compounds.