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Snakes have many characteristics that set them apart from other pets, including other reptiles. They don’t have legs or eyelids, they shed their skin in a single piece, and they can swallow huge prey without chewing. In other ways, however, snakes share similarities with mammalian pets. So, does a snake poop? Yes. Like mammals—and fish, birds and other reptiles, too—snakes digest food and expel waste from their bodies, but their poop looks a little different than you might expect.

What does snake poop look like?

Healthy snake poop is blackish brown and solid, and it typically is passed simultaneously with clear urine and chalky white urates (the solid portion of snakes’ urine). Snake poop—the breakdown product of digestion—comes from the intestinal tract and passes into the cloaca (the collecting chamber for the gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary tracts) before being expelled through the vent. Snake poop may also contain undigested bone and fur as byproducts of digesting mice and rats. Most snakes have a predictable cycle for passing feces after they’ve eaten, so pet parents will know when it’s time to get out the cleaning supplies and spruce up their living space.

What does abnormal snake poop look like?

Typical snake poop has three components: the solid fecal material, the clear liquid urine and the solid, white, chalky urine, or urates. Over time, you will get to know what your pet’s snake droppings look like, including their color, consistency and typical volume. If your snake starts passing very little feces or the fecal color changes, you should take your snake to the vet. Blood in snake poop is also a cause for concern, as is excessively liquid feces.  

Pay attention to their habits to determine what normal snake poop looks like for your pet. Monitoring changes to their feces can help you identify health problems early so that you can get them prompt veterinary attention. Consult your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns about your pet’s feces or other aspects of their health. Keeping clean habitats and enclosures and using the right heating and lighting products also help support snake health.

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