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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?
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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

For most people, pets are considered part of the family, and pet parents will do whatever it takes to make sure their pet gets everything they need to be happy and healthy. Day-to-day pet care expenses are usually pretty manageable and should be expected prior to bringing your pet home. But what do you do when your dog or cat gets seriously injured or is diagnosed with a chronic condition that requires special lifelong veterinary care? Are you prepared for the ongoing treatment and necessary costs of veterinary bills?

You can help make healthcare more affordable for your pet and manage potentially large, unforeseen veterinary bills by purchasing a pet insurance plan to help cover expenses for accidents and illnesses. Pet insurance plans work  similarly to health insurance plans for people. You choose a plan, pay a monthly premium and are responsible for a deductible when claims are filed.

Pet insurance may feel like yet another pet-related expense, but it’s priceless if you ever need to use it.

What does pet insurance cover?

There are a lot of different insurance policies available for pets, and each provides a different level of coverage. Here are some  common types of plans you can choose from through your preferred insurance provider:

  • Accident-only: Accident-only plans only provide financial support for accidents or injuries , such as if your pet ingests a foreign object, is exposed to a toxin or is bitten by a snake.
  • Accident and illness: This is one of the most common choices for pet parents because it covers accidents as well as many illnesses, including cancer and infections . Petco insurance covers accidents and illnesses.
  • Preventive care: Some insurance providers offer wellness and preventive care add-ons that can help cover preventive medicines, such as vaccines, flea & tick medications and heartworm prevention.

It’s important to keep in mind that every pet insurance company has its own system, which can make it difficult to compare plans. Co-pays may vary, reimbursement may work differently, and one company may have restrictions that another doesn’t. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, but it is important to understand what is and isn’t covered in your pet insurance plan before you decide on a policy. To ensure you know what is covered by the pet insurance provider you’re considering, be sure to compare different options and read  each individual coverage documentation.

What isn’t covered by pet insurance?

When considering pet insurance, it’s important to keep in mind any exclusions that may apply to your pet. Every insurance company is different, so you really have to be diligent when making a decision. Some pet insurance exclusions include:

  • Age limits: Some pet insurance companies have age limits for coverage, but in some cases it may be a little more reasonable than you think. There are insurance companies that will cover any senior cat or dog. Bear in mind, however, that premiums for an older pet may be higher than those for a younger pet so it’s generally better to choose an insurance plan while your pet is younger, if you’re able to.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Some companies may not cover any pre-existing conditions, while others are more flexible. Again, keep in mind that this will impact your premium and coverage. Petco pet insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions that occur or show symptoms on or before the first date of coverage or during a waiting period (the time it takes for coverage to begin after you sign up).
  • Breed-specific conditions: Although an insurance company might not exclude your pet from coverage, it may cost a little bit more to cover a breed known to have specific health problems. Purebred pets  may also be a little more costly to insure because they have a higher risk of inherited health issues.

Remember, every company is different and requirements for what is and isn’t covered may vary.

Do I need pet insurance?

If you’ve only ever had healthy pets, you may think pet insurance is a waste of money. But if you’ve had a pet with a chronic illness or  were involved in a bad accident, it’s likely you see the value of a pet insurance policy. A large vet bill may come as a surprise to cover a pet's accident or surgery,  especially at a time when expenses are tight. Pet insurance can help make a stressful time slightly more manageable by mitigating the need to focus on the implications of a large, unforeseen expense.

Is pet insurance worth it?

Although pet insurance may not be something every pet parent finds necessary, many people and pets benefit from it . A manageable monthly premium over the course of your dog’s life is certainly better than an emergency vet bill that could cost thousands of dollars. Just remember that your monthly premium will vary based on the coverage you select, your geographic location and the species, breed and age of your pet.

So, do you need pet insurance? Not necessarily, but it’s a smart way to avoid unexpected veterinary costs in the future. And as pet insurance continues to grow in popularity, more insurance providers and workplaces have started to offer coverage (for example, Petco pet insurance is offered directly through certain employers as a benefit), which means that you might be able to find an affordable plan that provides the perfect coverage for your pet.

Learn more about what to look for in a pet insurance quote or contact a Petco insurance specialist by phone (833-898-7387) or email (, to get a quote and to start your pet’s coverage.

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