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Fresh Felines: Cat Brushing & Bathing

Although cats are self-groomers, they can only get so much done with their tongues. So, grooming on a regular basis is essential for cats, and this is especially true for long-haired breeds.

Grooming routine

Getting your cat to the groomer can be tricky since cats are more anxious about traveling in a car and unfamiliar situations than dogs. Certain small steps, such as getting them used to going into and being taken out of a carrier and booking a grooming appointment at quieter times, can help ensure a positive grooming experience for your cat. Daily cat brushing can also help make grooming easier, because this type of interaction can get your cat accustomed to handling while also promoting a healthy skin & coat. Another important side-note is that your cat’s vaccinations must be up-to-date before their grooming appointment. Never have your cat groomed within 48 hours of receiving a vaccination or if your cat is having an adverse reaction to a vaccination.

Where to go

Many large pet stores like Petco have a Full-service Grooming Salon that offers a variety of services for dogs and cats, including:

  • Full-service groom or bath
  • Luxury spa treatments
  • Medicated flea baths
  • Solution services
  • Nail trims

Much more