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Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Yes! As a pet parent, you want to give your pup wholesome, fresh snacks to support their general wellness and keep their diet varied. While some human foods are absolute no-nos for dogs and can make them sick, carrots tend to be nutritious, and many pups enjoy their sweetness and satisfying crunch. This low-calorie vegetable also makes a great snack for dogs on a diet.

REMEMBER: Always consult your veterinarian before adding any new foods to your pet's diet, and keep treats to 10% or less of their daily calories.

Health benefits of carrots for dogs

Carrots can be beneficial for your dog because they provide:

  • A low-calorie snack
  • An excellent source of beta-carotene, the antioxidant that gives carrots their unique orange color, which can boost and support immune system strength
  • An excellent source of vitamin A, which supports vision function

Feeding your dog carrots

There are many ways that you can feed carrots to your dog. Dogs can eat carrots that have been sliced or cut into appropriately sized chunks. You might also consider grating or peeling carrots as a nice topper for your dog’s usual dinner. Just be sure to wash the carrots before serving them to your pup.

Dogs can also eat cooked carrots, steamed or baked—just remember to keep treats to 10% or less of their daily calories, as the extra fiber in their diet could cause digestive issues.

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FAQs About Dogs Eating Carrots

Yes! Crisp, firm and vividly orange, raw carrots can make a wholesome snack that your pup loves. Carrots are packed with beta-carotene, which is a great antioxidant for your pup. Beta-carotene may also help boost the immune system. Carrots also contain lots of fiber for regularity and are a good source of vitamin A, which can aid in eye health and bone growth. It can also be another immune booster.

Carrots can also help maintain your dog’s pearly whites; the crunchy texture may help with keeping their teeth clean and removing plaque. You can even freeze carrots for your dogs to gnaw on in place of bones, a great teething solution for puppies. Just make sure you use only large carrots—baby carrots may be too small and cause your dog to choke. Canines can also eat the leafy greens of a carrot, but don’t be surprised if they’re not keen on the idea. Most of us don’t eat the green part either.

YYes. Steaming or baking carrots can make them much more versatile. You can bake carrots and feed them to your dog directly, or you can mash them into your pup’s food for the extra vitamins. You can also roast carrots in a little olive oil—olive oil is great for your dog’s skin and coat—until they caramelize for a sweet and smoky treat. Dogs can eat carrots in almost any form. You can even grill them and feed them to your pup like hot dogs.

You can also prepare another great doggie snack by cutting carrots up into thin discs, drizzling them with a little bit of olive oil and baking until golden brown. These yummy carrot “jerky” chips are fair game for humans, too.

Feeding your dog boiled carrots won’t hurt them, but your pup could miss out on some of the vital nutrients carrots provide. Baking or steaming carrots may be a better option. Steamed carrots are great for making homemade dog treats: Mix the carrot mash with oat flour, xylitol-free peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce and egg. You can also add other wholesome ingredients, like yogurt, bone broth or oats. Shredded carrots or apples will add some texture. Form into a dough, cut into cookies and bake. These carrot cookies can be a treat for both you and your pup.

Dogs can eat canned carrots, but keep in mind that most canned goods have a lot of sodium and preservatives. Canned veggies are quick and convenient but are best used in moderation. They’re fine in a pinch, but it's best to steam or roast fresh carrots to avoid the high salt levels.

Yes, they can; however, it's a good idea to cut them into even smaller pieces just in case your pup tries to swallow without chewing. For that reason, baby carrots aren't recommended when you have the choice to buy large carrots. As with any chewy or crunchy foods, you should cut both baby carrots and regular-sized carrots down to small bites for both puppies and adult dogs to prevent choking and possible bowel blockage if not chewed down properly.

TToo much of something is never a good thing, even with veggies. Carrots have lots of natural sugar, which can lead to obesity in canines. They also have a lot of fiber, so feeding your pup too many could lead to digestive upset and, in some cases, turn your dog’s poop orange. Yes, orange poop would be easier to spot when cleaning up the backyard, but all in all, it’s probably an indicator that you may be feeding them too many.

NOTE: There are also some pretty serious conditions that can turn your dog’s stool orange. Always consult a veterinarian if you have any questions. As a general rule, keep carrots and any other treats to 10% or less of their caloric intake a day.

Petco has a great selection of both wet and dry dog foods that contain wholesome carrots in the list of ingredients. Carrots can also be found in a variety of our treats.

Raw and crisp, baked to a golden brown, mixed into food or homemade treats—adding the filling and nutrient-dense carrot to your dog’s diet is a great way to supply extra nutrients and keep your pup full.

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