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Fun Facts about Betta Fish


betta splendens
  • Did you know that the male betta raises its babies? The male protects the eggs and builds the bubble nest where the eggs will grow!
  • Betta fish originated in Thailand and Cambodia, which is why they are also called Siamese fighting fish.
  • Bettas prefer slow-moving water and don’t do well in river-like currents.
  • The name “betta” is unrelated to the Greek letter “beta” and originates from the Thai/Malay phrase, “lkan betta,” which loosely translates to “persistent fish.”
  • Bettas were first discovered in Southeast Asia, living in rice paddy ponds, drainage ditches and flood plains. Bettas adapted to living in a very diverse area prone to frequent storms and devastating droughts.
  • Bettas have a labyrinth gill, allowing them to breathe oxygen directly from the surface of the water.
  • Bettas are carnivores.
  • There are over 60 known morphs of bettas.
  • Popular bettas are shown below:
    Popular bettas are shown in illustration below