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Ball Python

python regius
  • Ball pythons are named after their natural defensive behaviors. They tend to curl up into a ball with their head toward the center of the ball when threatened.
  • With proper socialization, they can be easily handled and are very docile.
  • They are also called the “royal python” because ancient royalty wore them as jewelry.
  • No two ball pythons are alike. They all have their own beautiful and unique patterns.
  • Ball pythons stay much smaller than some other python species, growing to an average length of three to five feet.
  • The average life span of a ball python is 20 to 30 years. The record is a ball python living over 45 years in captivity.
  • Ball pythons generally lay clutches of two to 10 eggs at a time with an average clutch size of six eggs.
  • The mother ball python coils around her eggs until they are ready to hatch. The incubation period usually lasts between 80 and 105 days.
  • Baby ball pythons are called hatchlings.
  • Healthy hatchlings generally range in length from 14” to 17”.
  • Baby hatchlings have very bright colors and patterns that tend to slightly fade as they age.
  • There are now dozens of different varieties of ball pythons available including pastel, spider, pinstripe and more.