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  • Place a small amount of your dog's current food in one bowl and a small amount of Bil-Jac in another bowl.
  • See if your dog prefers the taste of Bil-Jac.
  • We provide feeding recommendations on each bag and on our website. Start with the recommended amount and adjust to properly maintain a healthy weight. Many Bil-Jac customers report that their dogs need less than the recommended amount.
  • Once you've switched your dog to Bil-Jac every day, you'll see that he truly enjoys every meal. You'll also see darker, firmer stools, proof your dog is using the nutrients while leaving less behind!
  • We believe that you will truly see the difference in the way your dog looks and feels, from coat to muscle tone, from alert eyes to overall energy and vitality.
Two Bowl Challenger Food Comparison

Truth in Nutrition

The Real Research-Based Truth About Corn

Two Bowl Challenger Truth In Nutrition
Other Advantages of Corn

Corn has the highest total antioxidant activity (more than double) compared to rice, wheat, or oats. It also contains a higher amount of antioxidants than many fruits or vegetables.
- Cornell University

Slow cooking releases up to 900% more antioxidants.
- Cornell University

Slow cooking corn releases more nutrients.
- Cornell University

Corn fed to dogs produces a lower glycemic index than certain carbohydrates, including rice.
- University of Queensland

Finely ground corn (corn meal) is 99% digestible for dogs.
- University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover

Incidences of food allergies in dogs, while rare, are no higher for corn than rice.
- Multiple Studies