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Love Letters Profile Ezra

Picky Eaters Love Bil-Jac

My handsome little boy Ezra, an Alaskan Klee Kai, just loooves Bil-Jac! When he first came home he only weighed about 3.5 pounds and refused to eat dry food. I searched for a food that would not only be good for him, but that he would like. I was given a free sample by a Bil-Jac representative at our local pet store and it was a winner! I cried tears of joy when he gobbled up an entire bowl!
-Lauren W.

Love Letters Profile Guinness

A Bil-Jac Dog for Life

This is my rescue dog Guinness. We think he is part lab, park beagle, and part something else. In this photo, he was about 9 weeks old, adorable, fluffy, and loving being outside. He eats Bil-Jac puppy food now and his coat is so shiny! He will always be a Bil-Jac dog!
-Victoria W., Chicago, IL

Love Letters Profile Bandit

A Hungry Dog No More

Over the past month I had been having trouble with the eating habits of my two-year-old pure bread Chihuahua, Bandit. It seemed the more food I offered him, the less he seemed interested in eating. The vet suggested many things to get him to eat more food ... but no luck. I've always fed my dog(s) Bil Jac's Liver Treats and biscuits and they couldn't get enough. So while shopping for dog food yesterday I came across Bil Jac Small Breed Select ... THE moment I put Bil-Jac in Bandit's bowl he began eating vigorously!!! THANK YOU so much for making high quality, affordable dog food that dogs LOVE!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I'll never buy anything else!
-Dominique L., Las Vegas, NV

Love Letters Profile Frankie

Besides Being My Pet

Here is a photo of my dog Frankie. He is a 3 year old Pomeranian. Besides being my pet, he is a service dog (medical alert) and a therapy dog. In the past year we have over 200 hours between hospital and nursing homes. He loves Bil-Jac food and treats.
-Peace, Carol

Love Letters Profile Blitz

Blitz is Happy!

Our German Shepherd, Blitz, has been a picky eater since we got her at 6 weeks old. We tried many different brands and types of food. She has a sensitive stomach, which made it more difficult to find something she enjoyed eating that was nutritious, delicious, and easy on her tummy!! She stopped eating for a while :( Finally we discovered Bil-Jac!! It was a world of difference. We put a bowl down, and she gobbled up the whole thing and looked at us with those big brown eyes, as if to say "Is that all I get?" She absolutely loves the food! She has no problems with digestion now, and Bil-Jac is really healthy, which makes us happy! Her coat is so much shinier and healthier too. Sold for life...
-Erica D.

Love Letters Profile Molly

Gorgeous Molly

Gorgeous Molly was rescued from a county animal shelter 5 weeks ago. After 2 weeks on Bil-Jac, her coat is softer, she smells better, and she has boundless energy.
-Jennifer G.

Love Letters Profile Bubba

Beautiful Bubba

I started Bubba on Bil-Jac last month when he weighed 32 lbs. When I brought it home, I put it out next to his dog food and he put his nose up and went straight for the Bil-Jac. I took him back today for his second round of shots and our vet was shocked. Bubba weighed in at 55 lbs with solid muscle, his coat is beautiful. He is so happy and eats Bil-Jac every day and loves it. Everyone says he is beautiful and they have never seen such a shiny coat, I think it's the food for sure.
-Shelly L., North Carolina

Love Letters Profile Gus And Grace

Gus and Grace

Gus and Grace, our two Shih Tzus, just love doing tricks for Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Small Dogs Training Treats. The treats make their coats so shiny and silky!
-Jake M., Georgia

Love Letters Excited For Dinner

Excited for Dinner to Come!

I adopted this boy from a terrible puppy mill situation when he was 5 weeks old. He's always had a sensitive stomach, and I've always had trouble getting him to eat. He had to have surgery in September to have part of his stomach removed. After that, when he did eat, he couldn't keep it down. I went to Petco looking for something to try and was recommended Bil-Jac. I just wanted to say that not only does he eat EVERY single time, he's actually excited for meal times now and he hasn’t thrown up once! I went from not knowing who you were to swearing by Bil-Jac!
-Carly M.

Love Letters Profile Diogee

Diogee is Thriving!

This is my one year old Cane Corso, Diogee. I have to admit that I tried a "cheaper" brand of food because he eats so much. But with him being a large breed, it soon became evident that being cheap wasn't the way to go. He began limping really badly because of his joints. Once I began looking into the ingredients of his food, I saw that it was just fillers; not very nutritious. Now he's on Bil-Jac and is thriving. No more limping and his coat is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for making a great product for large breeds.
-Carmen F.

Bil-Jac Lovers for Life

My dogs only eat Bil-Jac and after visiting me, my daughter's dogs wouldn't touch their other food... she is now a fan. My 3 Chi little girls and a Chinese Crested LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Bil-Jac for small breeds. They eat less and they like that it is chicken, yams and oatmeal. Thank you Bil–Jac!
-Ruth P.

I have a female pit mix that was losing fur and getting a lot of what I thought to be hot spots. I changed her food to Bil-Jac and it helped her so much. Her coat feels better, her skin is better and she even seems happier since I changed to this food. Thank you for having a great product.
-Matt E.

I have a special appreciation for Bil-Jac. I rescued a puppy from the shelter and after a few days of having him home, we realized he was really sick. We took him to the vet and the doctor told us he was severely underweight... but he refused over 10 different kinds of high grade puppy food. We bought Bil-Jac Large Breed and he looovved it!! We just rescued another puppy and he loves it, too. A BIG thank you for saving my little Oso :)
-Emily M.

I noticed something really cool today. I tried your Select Adult Premium Dog Food. They LOVE it, but for the last 2 days my Pit/Boxer mix has been driving all our customers crazy with her pull toys. She wants to play with everyone who comes in. Before they just napped most of the day. I would say she is feeling her ol' frisky self. I am amazed at how quickly I have seen a change. I really like your products, good job.
-Sherri T.

I have three small dogs. I want to give them the best of everything! Our oldest can't have wheat, so I have just started them all on Sensitive Solutions. All three LOVE it! THANKS Bil-Jac!!!
-Kyle P.