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The Best Vet
The best time to find a veterinarian is before you actually bring your new pet home. A good reptile vet will recommend seeing your new pet within 48 hours. Don't worry about vaccinations; they are not required for reptiles. Look for a veterinarian who ...

Health Precautions
Prevention is always better than a cure, and you can prevent almost all health problems in your reptile by applying the following principles: An adequate quarantine period Appropriate food A proper environment Sound housecleaning (husbandry) Regul...

The Healthy Amphibian
In general, a healthy amphibian has bright, alert eyes and moves about his environment with ease. If an amphibian looks healthy, he probably is. Unless he is living in substandard conditions, an amphibian rarely becomes ill. To recognize illness in your...

Keeping Your Herp Healthy
Underneath the rough and scaly exterior of a reptile is a delicate creature. As any dedicated reptile owner can tell you, it takes time, energy, resourcefulness, and commitment to keep these pets healthy and happy. You may go to great efforts to create an...

Creating a Second Nature
Green iguanas - whether in the wild or in your home - want to bask on branches in the heat of the day. Here's how to help your herp follow his instinctive habits. Matters to Digest To understand a pet's needs in captivity, you need to know somethin...

Petco and Antibiotics
At Petco, animals come first and we believe that diagnosing and treating animals is serious business!