Zoo Med Hanging Mealworm Feeder

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Mealworms wriggle and fall through the holes creating excitement at mealtime for your pet reptile. Lightweight plastic feeder hangs from included suction cup. Encourages natural hunting behavior, fun to watch.

  • Enjoy watching natural hunting behavior
  • Mealworms slowly fall as reptiles watch in excitement
  • Enjoy watching natural hunting behavior
  • Zoo Med Hanging Mealworm Feeder, 1.75" H X 3" D

The wriggling motion of the mealworms gets the attention of hungry reptiles and encourages natural hunting behavior as they fall through the holes. Can be used with a shallow dish to catch worms if they fall before being caught by your pet. Better than dumping food directly in a dish or cup, the Zoo Med Reptile Hanging Mealworm Feeder easily attaches to the inside of your terrarium with the included suction cup. Rembember to place the cup where your reptile can just reach the bottom to snatch mealworms as they fall through the holes.