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Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulbs, 75 Watts

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Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulbs, 75 Watts

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75 Watts, Ideal for tropical and desert habitats, provides ambient heat in which the photons emitted by the filament never escape the dark tint, heating the air inside the enclosure to create the warmth needed for a healthy reptile environment.

  • Ideal for both tropical and desert habitats
  • Glass contains rare black phosphors that simulate the moon s natural glow
  • Supports your reptile s natural day/night cycle

Create a warm and healthy habitat for your pet reptile with the help of Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulbs. Use these tinted bulbs in a nocturnal heat lamp to create a relaxing environment that allows you to observe your pet’s nighttime behaviors. A snake, turtle or lizard heat lamp is an essential part of a healthy desert or tropical terrarium. Reptiles require an outside heat source to help them regulate their body temperature. Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulbs are special tinted bulbs that provide necessary heat without bright light that could disturb your pet’s day/night cycle. Used in a nocturnal heat lamp, these bulbs maintain the warm temperature inside your reptile’s terrarium without any accompanying bright light. The heat allows your pet to stay healthy, active and strong day and night. The Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulbs are dark in color. Each bulb is made from glass that contains rare black phosphors. When used in a lizard heat lamp, the bulb’s dark tint allows heat to emit but traps the light. As a result, only a soft ambient light filters through, simulating the moon’s natural glow. The bulb’s gentle lighting within a nocturnal heat lamp creates a relaxing environment that helps encourage your reptile to engage in normal nocturnal behaviors. It also won’t disturb your pet’s sleep. Even at night, the glow from this lizard heat lamp allows you to watch your pet move, sleep or snack on treats. You will enjoy gazing into your pet’s habitat, day or night, to see what your reptile is up to.