WARE Critter Universe AvaTower Small Animal Cage

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13.75"; L X 11.25"; W X 21.75"; H, Critter Universe is an out of this world, totally connectable and infinitely expandable cage system. Simple to assemble and easy to clean. Perfect for hamsters, gerbils, dwarf hamsters or mice.

  • Expandable design & removable petting zone
  • Includes exercise wheel, water bottle & food dish
  • Narrow wire spacing

Create a fun and secure home for your small pet in the out-of-this-world WARE Critter Universe AvaTower Small Animal Cage expandable system. Whether pet parents use it as a dwarf hamster cage or a mouse cage, this multi-layer enclose has all the great features that make a safe and stimulating home for small pets. The plastic-wire hybrid design features an escape-proof locking door to keep your little furry friend safely inside. The cage features three levels, two ladders, a safe exercise spinner, a drip-resistant water bottle, and a no-tip food bowl. The WARE Critter Universe AvaTower Small Animal Cage boasts over 400 square inches of floor space to run, play, nest and rest - ideal for use as a dwarf hamster cage or mouse cage. Durable wire and plastic create an easy-to-clean environment that is both safe and secure for your small pet. The full-width pull-out bottom tray makes cleaning easy and keeps bedding on the lowest level of the habitat. Step by step instructions complete with pictures make assembly a breeze. The WARE Critter Universe AvaTower Small Animal Cage is a modular system that connects with other habitats and enclosures in the Critter Universe series as well as Crittertrail and Habitrail series. Add expansion kits, tunnels, and wall units (all sold separately) to either of the two ports on the cage top to begin developing your hamster cage or mouse cage. As your small pet grows, you can expand off of the AvaTower to suit the space needs of your furry friend.