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Trixie Montilla Cat Tree in Beige

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Trixie Montilla Cat Tree in Beige

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23.5"; L X 23.5"; W X 77.5"; H, Playing rolls, cave & platforms provide a place to lounge. Scratching posts & ladder provides an outlet for your cat's natural scratching & climbing needs. The ideal location to play, scratch & sleep.

  • Dangling pom pom adds extra fun
  • Large cat tree features multiple scratching posts, plush playing rolls, cave, hammock and ladder
  • Tall cat tree invites cats to jump, climb and engage in healthy exercise
  • Plush cave and hammock are perfect for lounging and napping
  • Natural sisal scratching posts and rungs are great outlets for your cat's scratching instincts

Give your cats a spacious playground designed just for them. The Trixie Montilla Cat Tree in Beige is a fun and large cat tree that features platforms, playing rolls, a hammock, a cozy cave, a ladder, sisal posts and more. Your cat can play, rest and explore all day long with this tall cat tree. The Trixie Montilla Cat Tree in Beige is a great way to encourage your cat to engage in healthy exercise. This tall cat tree encourages your cat to play and explore the two vertical platforms, two playing rolls, a ladder, fun pom pom and a pedestal at the very top. Watch your cat leap to the platforms, climb the sisal poles and reach the platform at the top of the large cat tree. After playtime is over, your cat can enjoy one of the many resting areas in the Trixie Montilla Cat Tree in Beige. A roomy cave in the center of the large cat tree offers comfort and privacy for a great catnap. The hammock and playing rolls are attractive lounging areas. Your kitty may also enjoy curling up on the top pedestal. Cats feel safe and secure when they are off the ground, and this high up pedestal can provide a wonderful vantage point for your pet. This tall cat tree is built upon sturdy poles wrapped in sisal. The rungs of the ladder are also wrapped in this durable, scratchable material. These sisal posts and ladder rungs provide your cat with a great scratching option. Cats scratch to mark their territory as well as to relieve anxiety and boredom. The sisal posts and ladder rungs can promote healthy and positive scratching behavior. This cat tree comes in a warm beige color that will easily integrate with your existing home décor. Its platforms, cave, rolls, hammock and pedestal are covered in a soft plush that will provide much comfort to your resting cat. This cat tree is ideal for both single and multi-cat households.