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Trixie Casta Cat Tree

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Brand: Trixie
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Trixie Casta Cat Tree

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A cat scratching post allows your cat to live out the natural scratching habit without damaging your furniture and carpets. Condo and platforms provide a place to lounge.

  • Condo with extra padding and peek-a-boo hole in platform
  • 3 platforms with extra padding and 1 with backrest for added security
  • Plus sisal insert in base and 2 dangling pom pom toys

Give your cat endless opportunities to play, scratch or relax with the Trixie Casta Cat Tree. This classic indoor cat tree features durable sisal scratching posts, a comfy condo and two strong platforms for jumping and rest. When it’s time to play, the Trixie Casta Cat Tree provides your cats with the perfect structure for running, jumping and pouncing. This indoor cat tree features two elevated platforms that will encourage your cats to jump, climb and engage in healthy exercise. A fun little pom pom toy dangles from the top platform, adding an additional play option. These two platforms also give your cats a nice vantage point to gaze below at the comings and goings. When playtime is over, your cats can perch on either of these platforms for a restful catnap. The indoor cat tree also features a comfy cat condo with plush insert for extra comfort. To get away from it all, your cat can slip into this condo for a nap. The Trixie Casta Cat Tree also includes three posts covered in durable sisal material. Cats have an instinct to scratch. This cat scratching tree can help you pet build positive scratching habits. Cats scratch to relieve boredom and anxiety and also to leave their mark around the house. Give your pets something safe to scratch with this cat scratching tree. This attractive cat tree features soft plush fabric that will invite your cat to lie down and rest. The warm, cream color of the cat scratching tree is easy to fit into the existing décor of your home. This comfy and functional cat tree is a great gift for your adorable pet. It is suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels.