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Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Outdoor Run

$179.99 $134.99
Trixie Natura Two Story Animal Hutch in Brown

$339.99 $254.99
Advantek Duplex Rabbit Hutch in Auburn

$236.99 $189.59
Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure in Brown & White

$199.99 $139.99
Precision Pet Extreme Rabbit Shack Rabbit Hutch

$199.99 $149.99
Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Enclosure in Brown

$119.99 to $209.99
WARE HD Double Rabbit Hutch

$319.99 $239.99
Trixie Natura Two Story Wheeled Rabbit Hutch with Run

$469.99 $352.49
Advantek The Farm House Poultry Hutch in Auburn & White

$484.99 $363.74
Advantek The Chalet Poultry Hutch in Auburn & White

$409.99 $307.49
New Age Pet Eco-Concepts Columbia Rabbit Hutch with Pen

$299.99 $224.99
Trixie Natura Animal Hutch with Peaked Roof in Red & White
$289.99 $217.49
WARE HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch

$389.99 $292.49
Advantek Terrace Poultry Hutch

$509.99 $382.49
Prevue Hendryx Rabbit Hutch

$157.49 to $232.49
Advantek Penthouse Rabbit Hutch in Auburn

$99.99 $74.99
Trixie Natura Two Story Rabbit Hutch

$359.99 $269.99
Trixie Natura Two Story Rabbit Hutch with Large Run

$519.99 $389.99
Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch in Auburn & White

$224.99 $168.74
Trixie Natura Two Story Hatched Gable Rabbit Hutch with Run

$629.99 $472.49
WARE Chick-N-Hutch Chicken Coop

$259.99 $194.99
Advantek The Tower Poultry Hutch in Auburn & White

$249.99 $187.49
WARE Premium + Hutch Cover

$34.99 to $39.99 $26.24 to $29.99
More options available
WARE HD Large Rabbit Hutch

$249.99 $187.49


A Rabbit Hutch, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch and a Rabbit Run for Comfortably Accommodating Your Furry Friends

Proper housing is vital to all pets, especially to small animal pet companions, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and chinchillas. When it comes to caring for our favorite furry little friends, we must keep in mind that they spend most of their time within their cages and hutches. This underscores the importance of choosing the right type of rabbit hutch or other type of housing that will best accommodate your pets. As the primary home for your furry friends, an outdoor rabbit hutch or cage must be spacious enough to allow for normal mobility and exercise. Intended for use outdoors, a rabbit run allows for rabbits and other caged small animals to roam freely, while being safely contained. Utilizing a rabbit run will not only help to promote the physical health of your pet rabbits by encouraging more physical activity, but it will also help to keep your rabbits from becoming bored. Whether you are in search of an outdoor rabbit hutch with an attached run or a multiple-story hutch that can comfortably house a pair of rabbits, you're bound to find what you're looking for online at Petco.com. Promote the health and well-being of your pet rabbits and other small animals today by properly housing them in a spacious and sturdy rabbit hutch or cage today!

Constructed of sturdy pine with a weatherproof glaze, the Trixie Natura Peaked Roof Rabbit Hutch with Enclosure makes a perfect home for pet bunnies. Equipped with an enclosed area down below for rabbits to freely hop about along with a lockable hatch for added safety, this outdoor rabbit hutch will keep your pet bunnies safe and comfortable. Meanwhile, there is the Ware Premium + Bunny Cottage that features an easy-to-assemble design, sturdy Fir wood construction that is sealed with waterproof wood stain. Equipped with four levels of living space, this bunny cottage will securely house your pet bunnies outdoors, in a patio or within your garage. Designed specifically for the safety of your rabbits and other small animals is the Trixie Natura Pitch Roof Outdoor Rabbit Run with Shelter. Equipped with three doors and a hinged roof, this spacious run allows for easy access in and out of the enclosure, as well as helps to promote healthy activity levels for your group of small animal pet companions. Properly house rabbits and other pets now with a hutch and run from Petco.com!