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You & Me Run & Play Space Small Animal Playpen

$29.99 to $69.99
$22.49 to $52.49 save up to 25%
More options available
Prevue Pet 8-Panel Ferret Exercise Pen

$44.99 save 25%
Trixie Nylon Playpen

$59.99 to $89.99
$38.99 to $58.49 save up to 35%
More options available
WARE Small Animal Playpen

$29.99 to $64.99
$22.49 to $48.74 save up to 25%
More options available
WARE Clean Living Small Animal Playpen

$40.49 save 25%
You & Me Large Wood 2-Story Hamster House
$4.49 save 25%
Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch Enclosure

$107.24 save 35%
WARE Premium + Rabbit Run

$189.99 to $249.99
$142.49 to $187.49 save up to 25%
More options available
WARE Premium + Penthouse Playpen

$153.74 save 25%
Trixie Natura Peaked Roof Outdoor Rabbit Run with Shelter

$269.74 save 35%
Kaytee Off To School
$18.74 save 25%
WARE Premium + Bunny Barn Yard

$104.99 save 25%
Precision Pet Rabbit Multi Plex Rabbit Play Yard

$59.99 save 25%
Trixie Natura Flat Roof Outdoor Rabbit Run

$123.49 save 35%

rabbit, guinea pig, hamster & other small animal playpens

Create a safe world outside their cage with a rabbit, guinea pig or other small animal playpen from Petco. Small animals have an insatiable appetite for new spaces and experiences and you can provide them with both with the proper playpen for their size and play style.

Rabbits have been known to roam freely in homes without a need for playpen. Some pet parents on the other hand find that rabbit playpens are ultimately the safest way to provide their furry friends with a fun place to keep them entertained. Although you can bunny-proof your home, a rabbit playpen will ultimately be more cost effective. Because most models are collapsible you’ll also be able to take your guinea pig, hamster or other small animal playpen to new and exciting locations for your pet. There are even models with open bottoms, so you can place your guinea pig playpen on a grassy area for a more natural change of pace. Just make sure the grassy floor is level, so your pet can’t flee from their guinea pig playpen. Some rabbit playpens can also double as outdoor hutches or bunny runs, if you’re looking for a durable outdoor option. These options can also be used with existing hutches, so you can extend their outdoor space with a custom rabbit playpen.

For a more secure option for your smaller guinea pigs or hamsters, there are also mesh nylon playpens. Pet parents with guinea pigs love this option because they can still remove the bottom and open the top, without worrying about their cavy squeezing through bars. Because of their size, hamsters should only use playpens with enclosed bottoms. Some of these hamster playpens are available as short as 9 inches, so you can be feel confident about your pet’s safety. If you have a crafty ferret, you can also look at small animal playpens made especially for these clever critters.