San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms

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1 gram. Bettas love this protein rich, all natural food. Freeze drying locks in nutrients and preserves the natural shape, making it more appetizing for finicky eaters. Never clouds the water.

  • Never clouds the water
  • Supports Betta growth and energy
  • Comes in easy-feed fliptop vial

Give your beautiful Betta a tasty meal of San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms to help support a long and vigorous lifespan. Bloodworms are filled with the protein that your Betta needs to grow and maintain optimal health. Bettas absolutely love freeze dried bloodworms. You can use this delicious fish food as part of a complete diet for your Bettas or supplement as a treat. The freeze drying process allows San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms to last longer without sacrificing the overall quality of the food. Freeze dried bloodworms lock in the taste and nutrition of live specimens while providing added safety. Freeze dried bloodworms protect your Betta by limiting the risk of introducing harmful bacteria and toxins into the tank. The freeze drying process also preserves the shape of the worms. When you sprinkle this delicious treat into the water, the pieces will quickly soften, allowing your fish to snack without a problem. There are many reasons why bloodworms make a great diet choice for Bettas. Carnivorous fish like Bettas need a steady diet of protein, which San Francisco Bay Brand Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms can provide. It takes energy for your Betta to swim around the tank. Another reason to choose these bloodworms is that they don’t cloud the water. This can help extend the time between tank cleanings, especially if your Betta aquarium doesn’t have a filter. This feature will also help keep the water clearer for more enjoyable viewing of your brightly-colored Betta. Most importantly, Bettas enjoy the taste of this snack, so you’ll always have a special treat for your aquatic pet. This tasty Betta diet comes in a convenient fliptop vial for easier feeding.