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Petco Araceae Terrarium Plant Reptile Decor

$9.99 to $14.99
$7.49 to $11.24 save up to 25%
More options available
Penn Plax Reptology Life Science Turtle-Topper Above-Tank Basking Platform

$44.99 save 25%
Exo-Terra Mandarin Jungle Plant

$2.99 save 25%
Zoo Med Turtle Docks

$14.99 to $39.99
$11.24 to $29.99 save up to 25%
More options available
Fluker's Spring Loaded Reptile Bamboo Bars

$9.74 save 25%
Exo-Terra Primate Skull Hideaway

$14.99 save 25%
Zoo Med Lizard Ladder

$5.24 save 25%
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Mushroom Ledge

$10.49 save 25%
T-Rex Terra Accents Lichen Sticks

$3.74 save 25%
Exo-Terra Silk Ficus Jungle Plant

$6.74 save 25%
Zilla Reptile Rock Dens

$22.49 save 25%
Petco Light Green Desert Bush

$7.49 save 25%
T-Rex Crab Island Climbing Background

$4.49 save 25%
SeaView Double-Sided Desert Dream & Deep Flora Terrarium Background

$8.99 to $12.99
$6.74 to $9.74 save up to 25%
More options available
Zilla Reptile Basking Platform Corner Ramps

$19.99 to $24.99
$14.99 to $18.74 save up to 25%
More options available
Penn Plax Reptology Life Science Floating Turtle-Pier Basking Platform

$14.99 to $24.99
$11.24 to $18.74 save up to 25%
More options available
Zoo Med Natural Full Cork Round Reptile Hideaway

$9.74 save 25%
Exo-Terra Silk Abutilon Jungle Plant

$6.74 save 25%
Conceptual Creations Bark Log Reptile Hideaway

$14.99 save 25%
Conceptual Creations Reptile Cave Hideaway, 13' L X 9' W X 5' H

$14.99 save 25%
Imagitarium Mossy Wood Branches
$7.49 save 25%
Zoo Med All Natural Hermit Crab Sea Sponge

$2.24 save 25%
Exo-Terra Amapallo Jungle Plant

$5.99 to $14.99
$4.49 to $11.24 save up to 25%
More options available
Exo-Terra Jungle Vine

$9.99 to $19.99
$7.49 to $14.99 save up to 25%
More options available

Find Terrarium Plants, Reptile Waterfalls and other Terrarium Supplies for Decorating your Terrariums

Just as comfort is important to you when you’re at home, comfort is important to your pet bearded dragon, leopard gecko, ball python or other pet reptile. As reptiles are prone to stress when placed in new or unfamiliar environments, it is suggested to provide them with terrarium plants, hideaways and other types of décor that will help them feel more comfortable. Whether it’s a hollow log or cave-like ornament that your bearded dragon prefers to rest beneath, or some natural-looking reptile waterfalls that encourage your pet chameleons to drink more water, provide your favorite herps with a variety of décor and terrarium supplies that will give them sense of home.

Highly recommended by other herpetoculturists, the Exo-Terra Jungle vine has a natural look that easily blends in with other terrarium plants. Its twistable and bendable quality allows for a wide range of climbing formations to address your reptile’s preferences, and it has been designed to be easily gripped by snakes, lizards and other reptiles. Meanwhile, there are suction cups and other useful terrarium supplies available to help you secure these jungle vines and other terrarium plants and décor to create a natural looking habitat. For creating a tropical landscape, there is a line of Zoo Med plants designed to blend in seamlessly with each other, as well as with various types of reptile waterfalls. Furthermore, there is the Zoo Med Repti Rapids Waterfall, which benefits your terrarium by helping to add humidity, as well as the Exo-Terra Reptile Terrarium Waterfall, which has been designed to naturally blend in with any type of terrarium.

While terrarium waterfalls and plants are appreciated by many reptiles, there is also a variety of rock caves, dens and other types of shelters that reptiles not only enjoy, but need. Developed with the utmost reptile comfort in mind, the Zoo Med Repti Shelter 3 in 1 Cave is the perfect shelter for snakes and other reptiles, as it helps to create a humid microclimate that is necessary for adequate respiration. There are also Mac’s Creatures & Critters Pet Refuges, which are highly recommended as they are made of real wood and available in two sizes. A must for aquatic turtles and other aquatic pets, there are Zoo Med Turtle Docks, which have a self-leveling feature that adjusts to varying water levels. Allow your reptiles to live in comfort with various terrarium supplies and décor today.