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T-Rex Reptile Comfort Leashes

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Zoo Med Deluxe Collapsible Snake Hook

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Get your reptile out of his cage with a leash, collar, or harness!

Like many other pets, bearded dragons, iguanas, and other species of lizards enjoying spending time under the sun. Taking your pet lizard or snake out of his habitat on occasion is also a great way for you to develop and strengthen your bond. While it may seem safe to take your lizard out in your enclosed backyard, it is recommended to always use a specialized lizard leash and collar or harness. Reptiles are prone to stress when placed in new surroundings and a lizard leash will help to keep your pet safe and secure—and within arm’s reach. Spend some quality time bonding with your pet reptile today with help from Petco.com.

Lizard leashes come in many varieties, adjustable and standard, to allow for the most comfort for your pet. Find the leash length, harness fabric, or collar size that offers the most comfort and security for your reptile. Snake hooks and leashes can also be effective tools for handling and securing your pet so you can both enjoy some quality time in the sun.