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Exo Terra Med Low Outback Terrarium, 24'x18'x12'
$119.99 $83.99
Zoo Med Repti Breeze Chameleon Kit

$129.99 $90.99
Exo Terra Med X-Tall Terrarium, 24'x18'x36'
$349.99 $262.49
Zoo Med Reptibreeze IguanArium

$319.99 $223.99
Exo Terra Large Low Terrarium, 36'x18'x12'
$209.99 $157.49
Exo-Terra Crested Gecko Terrarium Kit

$99.99 $69.99
Zoo Med Reptibreeze Open Air Screen Cage

$129.99 $77.99
Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles

$55.99 to $109.99 $41.99 to $76.99
More options available
Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Tub Kit

$309.99 $216.99
Zoo Med Turtle Tub Aquatic Turtle Habitat

$109.99 $82.49
Exo Terra Nano Tall Terrariumm, 8'x8'x12'
$49.99 $34.99
Petco Pet Keeper for Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects

$9.99 $7.49
More options available
Exo-Terra Desert Reptile Glass Terrarium Kit

$149.99 to $229.99 $112.49 to $172.49
More options available
Exo Terra Sm Wide Terrarium, 18'x18'x18'
$129.99 $97.49
Exo Terra Mini Tall Terrarium, 12'x12'x18'
$72.99 $54.74
Exo Terra Large Wide Terrarium, 36'x18'x18'
$274.99 $206.24
Exo Terra Med Wide Terrarium, 24'x18'x18'
$179.99 $134.99
Zoo Med Starter Hermit Crab Kit

$24.99 $18.74
Exo-Terra Rainforest Reptile Glass Terrarium Kit

$149.99 to $249.99 $112.49 to $187.49
More options available
Exo Terra Mini Wide Terrarium, 12'x12'x12'
$59.99 $44.99
Exo Terra Nano Wide Terrarium, 8'x8'x8'
$39.99 $29.99
Penn Plax Reptology Tortoise Palace

$329.99 $247.49
Exo Terra Large Tall Terrarium, 36'x18'x24'
$319.99 $239.99
Lee's Hermit Crab Hideaway

$24.99 $18.74


Reptile Habitats, Terrariums, Aquariums, and More!

Reptile housing comes in all shapes and sizes, from lush tropical terrariums, to underwater aquariums. Creating the right environment for your reptile is vital to their health and wellness. As most reptiles prefer to be left within their glass terrariums or other types of housing, it is vital that their cages and habitats are spacious enough for them to fully stretch out and climb, swim, or slither. Reptile habitats must also be equipped with the heat and humidity set-ups that suit your pet’s preferences. While a basking area is needed to increase their body temperature for ensuring proper digestion, reptile cages must also provide reptiles with a cool and shady area. Ensure the most comfortable environment for your pet reptiles by finding the habitat that suits them best!