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World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

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Brand: World's Best
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World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

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16.8 lb Bonus Bag World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Formula ; quick clumping and easy scooping and for simple cleanup

  • Made from Renewable, Whole-Kernel Corn
  • Made with 100% all-natural scented lavender oil
  • Concentrated Power for a Cleaner Litter Box
  • Ideal for cat owners who prefer their cat litter to be scented
  • Ideal for mechanical and automatic litter boxes
  • Outstanding Odor Control
  • Quick Clumping and Easy Scooping

Keep your home fresh and clean with World’s Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula. This clumping cat litter is the only kitty litter made from whole-kernel corn. The innovative formula provides superior odor control and quick-clumping action. The all-natural lavender oil leaves behind a refreshing scent that many pet parents prefer. Your cat litter can be more than just a material to collect pet waste. It can be an environmentally conscious choice that also helps your home to stay fresh and clean. World’s Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is made with whole kernel corn, a great alternative to dusty silica. In fact, this kitty litter is non-clay, silica-free and 99% dust free, so your home stays fresh and clean. The formula’s naturally microporous structure traps ammonia odor in every clump, providing you with superior odor control. The absorbent structure ensures that odors stay in the litter box, not around your home. This multi-cat clumping cat litter is ideal for multi-pet households. Pet waste odors are further dissipated by the all-natural lavender oil – no synthetic clays, chemicals or perfumes! Your home is sure to smell fresh and clean with the scent of natural lavender. This clumping cat litter forms solid clumps on contact with moisture without seeping, sinking to the bottom or sticking to the sides of your litter pan. Solid, fast-forming clumps make scooping easy and helps keep the remaining litter dry so your kitty litter lasts longer. World’s Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula is not mined, drilled or artificially produced. It’s precisely milled from renewable whole-kernel corn grown on American farms. This litter is an environmentally conscious scented cat litter. The 100% natural and renewable litter formula provides an eco-conscious alternative to other cat litters.