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WARE HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch

SKU: 2246637
Brand: WARE
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WARE HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch

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This rabbit hutch is the perfect shelter for your pet. It is made of exterior grade plywood and sealed with a water resistant non-toxic stain.

  • Solid wood framework, heavy duty galvanized wire and pan, hinged lift up rooftop
  • Accommodates 1 rabbit
  • Can accommodate up to two rabbits

Give your bouncy bunnies a cozy home with the WARE HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch. These handsome wooden rabbit hutches will keep your pets secure and protected from the weather. Rabbit cages and hutches are a good option for anyone who wants to keep a pet rabbit. Rabbit cages and hutches can keep your rabbit safe and secure. They don’t just work to keep your bunny in. Hutches and rabbit cages can also keep pets or other unwanted animals out. The WARE HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch is crafted with solid, exterior-grade plywood that will provide a durable and safe home for your pet. The wood is sealed and treated with a non-toxic waterproof stain to stand up to rain, lawn sprinklers and other outdoor moisture. These rabbit hutches also incorporate rust resistant wire that provides good air flow and ventilation. The WARE HD Deluxe Rabbit Hutch is divided into two different sections for your rabbit to enjoy. When your furry friend wants sunshine and warm breezes, the left side of the hutch offers lots of fresh air and a nice view outside. The right section provides privacy, warmth and shelter from cold weather. The solid door and removable divider help recreate the dark safety of a burrow. The hutch is also large enough so that your rabbit can stretch out, turn around and move from one section of the hutch to the other. It can accommodate up to two rabbits, so your pair can share the hutch together. When you want to take your rabbit out for some run time and play, these rabbit hutches afford you plenty of access. You can lift open the hinged rooftop, swing down the front panel or slide away the solid door cover. The hutch also comes with a pull-out pan to make cleanup as easy as possible. When the litter becomes messy, just pull out the tray, dump the litter and replace with fresh. Your rabbits will be safe and cozy in this sturdy wooden outdoor hutch.