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TetraVeggie Algae Wafers Extreme

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Brand: Tetra
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TetraVeggie Algae Wafers Extreme

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Algae wafers are a nutritionally balanced all-vegetable food with a concentrated algae center.

  • Includes precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients to support a fish's immune system
  • Ideal for plecostomus and all bottom feeding fish
  • Does not cloud water

Tetra is offering alternatives to give your fish healthy vegetable variety, TetraVeggie Algae Wafers with patented health-enhancing ProCare. This precise blend of immunostimulants, vitamins, biotin supplement and Omega-3 fatty acids helps to strengthen your bottom-feeding fish's immunity and improves resistance to disease and stress. Nutritionally Balanced All-Vegetable Food: Specially formulated vegetarian diet ideal for plecostomus, excellent vegetable supplement for all bottom feeding fish. Unique, patented, state-of-the-art extrusion technology allows staple diet and concentrated algae center to be combined in one sinking wafer. Easily digested wafers are naturally high in fiber. Does not cloud water, when used as directed. Formulated with Patented, Superior "Optimal Health" Blend: Includes precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients to help support a fish's immune system. Biotin supplementation helps maintain healthy metabolism. Omega-3 fatty acids, the "healthy fat" fish need for healthy growth.