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Sera Aquatan Water Conditioner

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Brand: Sera
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Volume:1.3 GAL


Sera Aquatan Water Conditioner

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1.3 gallons, treats up to 5,300 gallons. pH neutral water conditioner for tap water & fish care in the aquarium. Binds large amounts of heavy metals/aggressive chlorine immediately.

  • Promotes splendid colors and liveliness due to iodine
  • Mucous membrane and gill protection due to skin protecting colloids
  • Does not change the pH value, even in case of overdosing
  • Enzyme activation by magnesium for healthy fish growth

Our Sera Aquatan with the new Sera Bio-Protect Formula immediately conditions tap water to fish friendly fresh and marine water. The fish feel visibly better in the healthy, clear water according to their natural requirements. Aquarium maintenance thus requires less effort, and the hobby is more enjoyable. This water conditioner is pH neutral and binds large amounts of heavy metals and aggressive chlorine immediately. Promotes trouble-free fish transport, mucus coating against infections and enzyme activation for healthy fish growth. Boasting stress reducing vitamin B and iodine for livelihood and splendid colors.