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Puppy KONG Dog Toys

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Brand: KONG
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Puppy KONG Dog Toys

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Puppy KONG Dog Toy

  • Great for stuffing with rewarding, tasty treats
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Puppy KONG toy designed for smaller mouths
  • Rubber dog toy made with a special teething rubber formula
  • Soothes sore, itchy gums in teething puppies
  • Promotes healthy jaw development and positive chewing behavior
  • Made in the USA

Give your growing puppy something to chew on with Puppy KONG Dog Toys. Each puppy KONG toy is specially designed for the small mouths, young jaws and new teeth of your young pup. A top quality rubber dog toy can help sooth teething gums, focus attention and encourage positive chewing behaviors. Stuff your puppy’s new KONG with treats and other goodies make it more appealing. Puppies have an instinctive need to chew. Not only does chewing help relieve stress and anxiety, but it also helps sooth itchy gums during teething. Chew toys for puppies need to be extra tough to stand up to constant gnawing. A puppy KONG toy is specially designed to give your pup a healthy chewing option that feels good. Puppy KONG Dog Toys are made with tough rubber to stand up to constant chewing. The unique shape gives this rubber dog toy an erratic bounce so games of fetch are always fun and unpredictable. You can stuff the toy with goodies like treats and edible pastes to make it even more appealing. Another option is filling this puppy KONG toy with treats and then freezing it, giving your dog an extra challenge that both focuses attention and rewards. Providing your puppy with an appealing chewing option can help encourage positive chewing behavior from a very early age. Use the rubber dog toy to develop good habits early that can be maintained for a lifetime. Puppy KONG Dog Toys come in a variety of sizes so you can find just the right one for your special pup.