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Please Note: Aquarium is not included.

Oceanic BioCube Aquarium Stand, 14 Gallons

SKU: 2179016
Brand: Oceanic
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Oceanic BioCube Aquarium Stand, 14 Gallons

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For use with the Oceanic BioCube 14 Gallon Aquarium. Contemporary style that complements the Biocube design. Convenient storage for aquarium accessories. Pre-drilled holes in back of stand for routing electrical cords.

  • Oceanic BioCube Aquarium sold separately
  • Made in the USA
  • Pre-drilled holes in back accommodate cords
  • Aquarium stand designed to fit perfectly with your BioCube Aquarium
  • Fish tank stand has a convenient storage shelf for storing fish food and supplies
  • Attractive black cabinet doors keep supplies out of sight

As a great match for practically any type of modern aquarium, this fish tank stand and cabinet has been designed to perfectly complement the premium look and features of the contemporary and stylish Oceanic BioCube Aquarium. Functional and attractive, the Oceanic BioCube Aquarium Stand boasts a black finish along with classy black front cabinet doors. Furthermore, this aquarium stand is equipped with a pedestal that properly showcases the beauty and superiority of your BioCube Aquarium. In addition to being a fitting display of your hard work and aquatic artistry, this piece of contemporary aquarium furniture is equipped with a handsome cabinet to conveniently store fish food, water conditioners and other fish supplies. Oceanic Biocube Aquariums are known for their style and functionality due to designer LED lighting, panoramic viewing design and built-in filtration components. These aquariums not only allow you to bring home the beauty of a freshwater or marine environment, but also allow you to do it with ease. This stylish stand is just as easy to set up and makes the perfect accessory for your Oceanic BioCube Aquarium. Oceanic BioCube Aquarium sold separately.