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Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pens

SKU: 243981
Brand: Midwest
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Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pens

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Exercise pens provide safe containment for a variety of pets indoors or outside. Easy to carry and fold flat for convenient storage. Set up in minutes without tools.

  • Dog pens set up in minutes without tools
  • Features eight 24" wide panels that can be configured to accommodate your space
  • Dog exercise pen provides safe containment for a variety of pets indoors or outside
  • Portable dog pen is easy to carry and folds flat for convenient storage

Exercise and other physical activity are absolutely essential to keeping your dog healthy and happy. That’s why Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pens are designed to offer your dog the space she needs with the security that you want. The spacious and versatile design of these dog pens make them ideal for practically any type of dog. Each of the eight panels is 24” wide and available in five different heights ranging from 24” (perfect for puppies or smaller breeds) to 48” (great for your bigger four-legged friends). You can arrange the panels into whichever dog exercise pen configuration you prefer: rounded and open or long and rectangular. Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pens are made to be easy for pet parents to set up and keep in good shape. Each dog exercise pen is made with panels finished in a durable black e-coat that provides long-lasting protection from corrosion and rust. This variety of dog exercise pen requires no tools to set up. You can easily keep it in place with ground anchors, and it folds flat for convenient storage. Instead of having a door, the pen’s two ends connect easily and securely with the use of attached hooks. The fold-flat storage design also makes transporting Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pens exceptionally easy. You’ll be able to take these dog pens anywhere you want outside and easily transport them home to be set up in your yard or even inside your house. That way, your dog can always enjoy her exercise pen, whether out and about with you or right at home. Please note: This pen does not have a door.