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KONG Puppy Stuff'N Treat

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Brand: KONG
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KONG Puppy Stuff'N Treat

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KONG Puppy Stuff'N Treat

  • Flavored mousse treat ideal for puppies eight weeks and older
  • Tasty KONG liver paste flavor is irresistible to most puppies
  • Easy-to-use spray canister
  • Spray inside your dog's KONG toy to provide hours of exercise and fun
  • KONG treat filler is easy on your puppy's young tummy
  • Made in the USA

Transform your dog’s favorite KONG toy into a tasty and tantalizing treat with KONG Puppy Easy Treat. This KONG liver paste is a delicious treat that can make any toy and every playtime even more fun for your puppy. The easy-to-use spray canister and nozzle let you direct exactly how much KONG treat filler you want right to where you want it. The special formula is ideal for rewarding puppies and going easy on their growing tummies. Tasty treats can be a great way to teach and reward your puppy. Using a treat paste with a fun chew toy can help make the toy more enticing, encouraging your puppy to develop positive chewing habits. KONG Puppy Easy Treat creates an exciting treat experience for your puppy. With the easy-to-use spray canister, you can fill any of your dog’s KONG toys with a delicious KONG liver paste. Your puppy will have a ball licking out all the delicious goodies. You can also use KONG treat filler to fill in the gaps around biscuits and other solid treats that you stuff into your puppy’s KONG. The unique texture of KONG liver paste lets you serve it in a variety of ways. You can spread it over biscuits or spray it directly into your puppy’s KONG. Appeal to your puppy’s senses of small and taste with delicious KONG Puppy Easy Treat. This KONG treat filler is specially formulated to go easy on your puppy’s sensitive tummy. The tasty chicken liver formula is made just for growing puppies.