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Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus With Carrots For Rabbits & Small Animals

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Brand: Kaytee
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Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus With Carrots For Rabbits & Small Animals

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The perfect treat for any rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or other hay loving small animal. This all natural, high fiber treat has added carrots for additional nutrition.

  • Aids in natural digestive process
  • With carrots for added vitamins
  • Also serves as cozy small animal and rabbit bedding

Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Plus With Carrots for Rabbits & Small Animals is a high-quality way of aiding the natural digestive process of rabbits and other small animals with long strand fiber. Proudly harvested from the Columbian River basin, the perfect environment for farming timothy hay, this sun-cured and natural small animal and rabbit hay is sheltered to maintain its freshness and quality. With added carrots to provide vitamins, this special batch of timothy hay doesn't contain any pesticides, additives or preservatives. Versatile enough to serve as a cozy small animal or rabbit bedding, this low-calcium premium mix may reduce the likelihood of urinary tract problems. Composed of long fibrous strands, this natural timothy hay blend also has a sweet smelling aroma that helps to keep your pet rabbits and other small animals attracted to it. This hay keeps pets occupied, which helps to prevent them from becoming bored when left inside of their cages and hutches. Meanwhile, this special long strand hay encourages a rabbit's natural foraging tendencies andt helps to prevent the overgrowth of a rabbit's constantly growing incisors. In addition, this hay is specially cut to increase the ease of feeding.