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Hydor H2Show Crystal Kit LED in Multi-Color

SKU: 1491113
Brand: Hydor
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Hydor H2Show Crystal Kit LED in Multi-Color

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4.25"; L X 3.75"; W X 5.25"; H, Crystal Light/Aerator Ornament by Hydor releases oxygenation and produces bubbles and doesn't require an air pump. The multi-colored red, blue and green LED light makes a vivid display in the aquarium.

  • Circulates and oxygenates your tank water
  • Colored LED creates a vivid display in your aquarium
  • A stunning addition to your other aquarium decorations
  • Does not require an additional air pump
  • Crystal shape is made with non-toxic resin to keep fish safe
  • Stunning crystal-shaped fish tank aerator with LED

Add mystery and wonder to your aquarium with the Hydor H2Show Crystal Kit LED. This fish tank aerator with colorful LED not only looks cool but also supports the health of your aquarium. The steady stream of bubbles continuously circulates and oxygenates your aquarium water, keeping fish happy and healthy. This stunning light and bubbler combination is sure to look spectacular among all your other aquarium decorations. With so many aquarium decorations available, it can be a challenge to choose the right ones for your tank. One or two showpieces can anchor your décor while other smaller pieces support the overall look. You can enhance your tank even more by choosing aquarium decorations that provide some sort of function in your setup. The Hydor H2Show Crystal Kit LED is both spectacular to look at and supportive of your aquarium’s health. The faux-rock base holds up a beautifully shaped clear crystal. Inside the crystal is the fish tank aerator which creates a continuous stream of bubbles, circulating and oxygenating your water at the same time. The LED shines through the crystal and the bubbles, making both appear to glow. The effect is stunning with or without your aquarium lights on. The Hydor H2Show Crystal Kit LED is made with a non-toxic resin to keep your aquarium inhabitants safe and happy. The fish tank aerator does not require an additional air pump to produce bubbles. You can easily position it anywhere in your tank and move it as needed.