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Hikari Pellet Wheat Germ Fish Food

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Brand: Hikari
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Hikari Pellet Wheat Germ Fish Food

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17.6 oz. Highly nourishing blend with natural vegetable protein, fats, and vitamins. High in vitamin E, the vitamin responsible for fertility. Easily assimilated. Floating pellets never cloud the water.

  • Contains stabilized vitamin C for immune system health and longevity
  • Easily assimilated
  • Floating koi fish food pellets will never cloud the water

Hikari Pellet Wheat Germ Fish Food is a highly digestible type of koi food that has been specifically developed over many years by the experts at Hikari - a brand name known for making species specific diets for decades! This highly nourishing koi fish food blend contains natural vegetable protein, fats and vitamins to provide koi fish with an excellent daily diet. Being high in vitamin E, the vitamin responsible for fertility, this nutritious pond fish food also contains stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health as well as to promote longevity of your koi. Meanwhile, this floating koi food is easily assimilated and has been known to be effective even in cooler climates. As these pellets have been formulated to float, they will never cloud the water, resulting in a reduction of water quality issues. In addition, these floating pellets help to inhibit over-feeding, as they allow you to easily monitor the amount that has been consumed. You cannot go wrong by feeding your koi and pond goldfish Hikari Wheat Germ formula pellets, as they promote superior growth rates and also help to improve brilliance and luster.