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Exo-Terra Night Heat Lamp

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Brand: Exo-Terra
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Exo-Terra Night Heat Lamp

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The bulb simulates natural moonlight to allow nocturnal viewing without disturbing the animal's day and night cycle. The light emitted is bluish due to the use of blue glass. The heat generated by the bulb is minimal but enough to provide tropical night time temperatures. The lower wattage of these bulbs does not interfere with natural night drops in temperature.

  • Provides tropical night time temperatures
  • Stimulates breeding behavior in reptiles and amphibians
  • Can be combined with Repti Glo or Sun Glo for a 24 hours cycle
  • Moonlight lamp
  • Simulates natural moonlight
  • Perfect for nocturnal viewing

The Exo-Terra Reptile UVB Bulb emits the ideal UVB spectrum for optimal Vitamin D3 photosynthesis. The Reptile UVB Bulb is especially designed to simulate conditions for reptiles with very high UV requirements, like diurnal reptiles from desert environments. These areas receive direct unfiltered sunlight with high levels of UVB. The significantly high Vitamin D3 yield index results in increased vitamin D3 photosynthesis to aid calcium absorption and prevent metabolic diseases. The extended UVB penetration makes this bulb the ideal choice for taller terrariums or terrariums with denser screens.