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Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

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Brand: PetSafe
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Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

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Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

  • Equipped with charcoal divided into six segments to maximize water filtration
  • Pet fountain filters that will fit any size Drinkwell Pet Fountain
  • Duo-density polyester pad Drinkwell fountain filters capture debris, resulting in clean and fresh drinking water
  • Carbon-impregnated pad for quick action

Made specifically for use with Drinkwell pet fountains, these Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges have been designed to help keep your pet's water clean and tasting fresh and delicious. These Drinkwell Premium filters feature a six-compartment plastic frame that evenly distributes the granulated charcoal throughout the filter cartridge. The result of all of this even distribution is a more thorough and complete filtration process of your pet's drinking water. As many pet parents may know, sometimes it can be difficult to encourage your pets to drink more water in order to stay hydrated. That is a part of why Drinkwell pet fountains and pet fountain filters come in so handy. Not only do they filter out any debris and prevent it from getting into your pet's drinking water, but they also keep the water moving and flowing, which tends to entice many feline friends. Regardless of the type of Drinkwell fountain you have, it must be maintained regularly in order to provide your precious pets with the clean and fresh water they deserve. The Drinkwell Platinum Premium Filter will fit any size Drinkwell Fountain.