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API PondCare Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer

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API PondCare Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer

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8 fl. oz. treats 8,000 gal. Quickly dissolves away organic sludge and makes pond water safe for fish. Enzymes break down fish waste, uneaten food, and dead vegetation, and convert them into harmless carbon dioxide, mineral salts, and water.

  • Cleans and clarifies pond water in minutes
  • Fish pond cleaner eliminates troublesome sludge and debris to help maintain a natural balance in your pond
  • Heavy-duty Pond-Zyme pond cleaner contains five specially selected bacterial strains in a stable dry form
  • Breaks down fish waste and dead algae that contribute to sludge build-up, cloudy water and clogged filters
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% natural and safe for your pond fish and plants

Keep your pond water clear and healthy with PondCare Pond-Zyme Plus by API. This specially formulated fish pond cleaner breaks down organic sludge to improve your water's clarity naturally. Heavy duty Pond-Zyme pond cleaner also supports your entire pond maintenance system by breaking down sludge before it clogs your pumps and filters. Pond sludge forms when fish waste and dead algae accumulate with other pond debris and detritus. The result is murky, cloudy pond water that reduces visibility and detracts from your pond’s tranquility and beauty. Pond sludge can also interfere with your filtration and pump systems, impacting how well your pond is maintained. PondCare Pond-Zyme Plus is a remarkable, fast-acting solution designed to target and break down the sludge in your pond. This fish pond cleaner contains 5 different bacterial strains in a stable dry form. These bacterial strains digest and eliminate pond sludge, reducing it to harmless minerals and water and visibly improving the clarity and quality of your pond. Using Pond-Zyme pond cleaner can also help to prevent filters from clogging by breaking down sludge before it enters your maintenance system. That way, your filters stay cleaner for longer, reducing the amount of pond maintenance required. PondCare Pond-Zyme Plus is 100% natural and completely safe for plants, wildlife and pond fish including ornamental koi. You can use this fish pond cleaner in nearly any climate; it is specially formulated to be effective in both warm and cold water. Your pond will be clear and beautiful in no time with Pond-Zyme pond cleaner.