Prevue Hendryx Signature Select Series Wrought Iron Bird Cage in Pewter

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Offers quality craftsmanship at an excellent value! With 4 stainless steel cups, 2 solid wood perches, a rounded corner seed guard, a pull-out tray, grill with grill clip, and a playpen top, this is a great home for your feathered pet.

  • Constructed of bird safe wrought iron with a durable powder coated finish
  • 4 stainless steel cups
  • Rolling casters for easy cleaning or a change of scenery
  • Heavy duty spring loaded push button door lock ensures your bird remains safe

Our Select Series cage offers quality craftsmanship at an excellent value. Includes a cage stand with 4 stainless steel ball bearing easy rolling casters. The 2 interior cups are accessible from the outside so you never have to reach inside the cage. Includes: 2 solid wood perches 4 stainless steel cups (2 inside, 2 outside) all fully accessible from the outside Seed guard with rounded corners Pull out grill with grill clip Pull out tray Cage wall between the lower grate and lower tray 2 pull out drawers, one lower and one up top Heavy duty push button safety lock Second gravity door lock for extra security 4 stainless steel easy rolling casters Playpen top Hex head bird proof screws and wrench Cage stand Size Small Actual interior cage dimensions: 18" L X 18" W 31.5" H. Cage height with stand: 57" H. Size Medium Actual interior cage dimensions: 24" L X 20" W X 34.75" H. Cage height with stand: 60" H. Size Large Actual interior cage dimensions: 30" L X 20" W X 36" H. Cage height with stand: 63" H. Size X-Large Actual interior cage dimensions: 36" L X 24" W X 36" H. Cage height with stand: 66" H.