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PoogoStick Dog Pooper Scooper

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Brand: PoogoStick
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PoogoStick Dog Pooper Scooper

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PoogoStick Dog Pooper Scooper

  • Slides underneath the waste
  • No stooping to scoop
  • No clogging and no mess
  • No sticking your hand in a bag

The PoogoStick's revolutionary, patented design works for both cat and dog waste by sliding underneath the waste and easily pushing it off into the PoogoPan. The PoogoStick – and your hands – are left mess-free! The PoogoStick is the fastest, most user-friendly way to pick up your pet's poop. No stooping to scoop. No clogging and no mess. No sticking your hand in a bag or depositing waste in a messy bucket.