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PondCare AlgaeFix

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PondCare AlgaeFix

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AlgaeFix helps treat algae in ornamental ponds and fountains. EcoFix helps create a healthy ecosystem by making pond water clean and clear.

  • Easy-to-use water conditioner that effectively controls green water algae blooms, string or hair algae and blanketweed
  • Effective pond algae removal solution that helps to keep pond water clean and clear
  • Pond algae control solution that is safe for use in ponds and fountains containing live plants and fish
  • Made in the USA

Specifically developed for the maintenance of ponds, fountains and water gardens, PondCare AlgaeFix makes for an effective and simple solution for pond algae removal and control. As long as your pond or water garden is subjected to the sun and other natural outdoor elements, algae is bound to bloom. This is why regular treatment with a liquid pond algae control product is imperative. Formulated for use in ornamental fish ponds, water gardens, fountains, and freshwater aquariums, AlgaeFix has is even been approved for use in ponds and aquariums containing live plants and fish. From blanketweed and string algae to hair algae, AlgaeFix by PondCare controls various types of algae, including "green water" blooms and filamentous algae. There's no doubt that water gardens, fountains and ponds add beauty and a sense of serenity to your outdoor landscaping. Regularly treating your backyard aquatic attraction with this algae-controlling solution will help to keep the water clean and clear. AlgaeFix is colorless and non-corrosive. As soon as the algae growth is under control, a weekly treatment is all that is needed to keep it under control as well as to reduce pond or fountain maintenance.