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Plexidor Door Mount Pet Door in White

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Plexidor Door Mount Pet Door in White

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1 W X 1 H, & dogs up to Manufactured to be strong, safe & energy efficient. Snug weather seal provides superior draft control.

  • Opens with a gentle push & automatically closes tightly without banging
  • Manufactured to be strong, safe, and energy efficient
  • Features superior draft control
  • Comes with a lock & key & steel security plate
  • Virtually impossible for an intruder to enter your home through pet door

Our Plexidor Door Mount Pet Door is manufactured to be strong, safe, and energy efficient. Producing a safe and secure pet door for you and your family is our highest priority. This pet door comes with a lock and key and steel security plate, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to enter your home. Plexidor Pet Doors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. The unique see-through shatter resistant dual-thermo pane plexiglass panels open with a gentle push and automatically close tightly without banging. Each panel is lined around all four edges with snug fitting, high density, industrial nylon pile weather seal to provide superior draft control. When closed, the panels reduce air conditioning and heat loss. So whether you live in the hot desert climate of Arizona or in the frigid cold of Alaska, Plexidor will save you money every month. Your dog will love the smooth, quiet and safe doors and you'll love seeing a lower energy bill.