PetPals Group Hanging Teaser Scratching Post Cat Toy

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Satifies your cat's natural scratching instincts, while encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. Includes fun teasers that will drive your cat crazy!

  • Entices cats with a tunnel for them to hide in
  • Trains your cat away from scratching furniture, walls and carpeting
  • Fun shape to play with

The PetPals Group Hanging Teaser Scratching Post Cat Toy is a fun way to encourage your cat to play, exercise and scratch. Place this cat scratching post anywhere your pet likes to play or scratch to redirect undesirable scratching behavior. Cats have an instinct to scratch. It helps them mark territory and relieve stress. The act of scratching also helps your family pet shed old claws. Without a positive outlet for this behavior, like a cat scratcher, your cat may develop undesirable habits like scratching your furniture. The PetPals Group Hanging Teaser Scratching Post Cat Toy is designed to satisfy your cat's natural scratching behavior. Cats love sinking their claws into the thick sisal rope on this cat scratching post. In nature, your kitty might look for a tree with bark to scratch. The sisal on this cat scratcher is the next best thing! The quirky design of this cat scratcher also encourages your pet to stay active. Watch as your pet uses the cat scratching post for a deep, satisfying scratch and then becomes irresistibly drawn into play! The three exterior plush teasers can keep your cat entertained all day long. The hollow interior of the post contains a bonus teaser toy, also complete with a bell to attract your cat's attention. Your family pet can reach in and pull out this little plush ball for even more fun. The PetPals Group Hanging Teaser Scratching Post Cat Toy is wrapped in cozy plush fabric, making it a soft, safe place for your cat. Give your pet a fun and interesting toy to play with while satisfying a natural instinct to scratch.