Petmate Training Retreat Wire Dog Kennel in Black

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Large, 34"; L X 22"; W X 25"; H, for pets 50-70 lbs., For house breaking pups, to halting behavior problems before they start, to keeping them out of trouble when they are home alone. Created for both comfort and house training.

  • Stylish arched wire
  • Top and side doors for easy access
  • Integrated wheels, pull handle and compact fold
  • Easy double-click locks

Your dog will feel safe and secure in the Petmate Training Retreat Wire Dog Kennel in Black. This sleek and functional kennel is a great tool for housetraining puppies or new dogs. The removable divider lets you use this kennel for puppies as they grow into full-size adults. Pet-friendly features and an easy-to-use design make this a must-have pet favorite and essential. Indoor dog kennels are a great way to housetrain and acclimate new dogs to the rules of your home. Wire dog kennels provide strong, secure containment while giving both you and your pet greater visibility of each other. Dogs have a natural instinct to rest and relax in a den – a private, cozy retreat they can call their own. In your home, a crate or kennel serves the same purpose as a den. Because dogs prefer not to eliminate in their den, indoor dog kennels can be a great tool for teaching dogs to do their business outside and not in your home. Beyond just housetraining, wire dog kennels can provide a comforting space for dogs to de-stress, safely contain pets during the night or while you are away, and transport pets safely in a car. The Petmate Training Retreat Wire Dog Kennel in Black is designed to fulfill all these purposes and more. Sturdy wire construction and a rust-resistant black coating make this a durable, long-lasting crate among indoor dog kennels. The black coating looks great in any home. The leak-proof pan is removable and easy clean – perfect in case your furry friend has an accident housetraining. The double-latch front door provides easy access while open and security while latched. A top-mounted handle makes moving these wire dog kennels from room to room very easy. When not in use, this kennel folds down easy storage and transport. The Petmate Training Retreat Wire Dog Kennel in Black is available in a variety of sizes to suit all types of dogs. If you have a puppy, be sure to shop for a crate that will accommodate your dog’s adult size; use the removable divider panel to limit the space and adjust so the space grows with your puppy. This kennel should be used to support, not replace, housetraining lessons that help your dog to learn the rules of your home.