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Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys

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Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys

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Petco Mylar Balls Cat Toys

  • Super light in weight
  • Mylar cat toys encourage exercise disguised as fun
  • Constructed of shiny layers of colorful Mylar
  • Cat ball has crinkly, crackly texture

Maybe it's the crackle sound. Maybe it's the sparkle. Maybe it's the way they crunch under your cat’s paws. Something makes our simple Petco Mylar Ball Cat Toy irresistible to cats. Pull out this crackly cat ball and watch your feline friend take a shine to it. Your kitty will get hours of valuable exercise disguised in the form of fun! Stalking, batting and chasing this cat ball will keep your kitty running and will provide entertainment for you as well. There is just nothing like watching your cat crouch down, maybe even back up a little, wiggle and then zoom off after one of these Mylar cat toys! One of the best things about being a cat parent is getting to witness your pet’s excitement and joy while playing. Even simple, colorful toys like the Petco Mylar Ball Cat Toy will have your cat running around your home with glee and intensity. Cats are a curious bunch, and they won’t be able to resist the crinkly texture and shiny color of this wonderful cat ball toy. The Petco Mylar Ball Cat Toy can also help encourage your cat to exercise and engage the senses. As cats grow older, mental and physical stimulation can help maintain their strength, coordination and natural hunting instincts. These Mylar cat toys will keep your feisty feline engaged and help promote healthy exercise. Your cat won’t even notice all the good this fun and shiny toy is doing. As a loving cat parent, you will be able to appreciate how much fun your cat has with the Mylar cat toys. Enjoy the show as this colorful toy goes rolling across the room with your furry feline chasing after it.