Omega One Natural Protein Formula Juvenile Turtle Pellets

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1.5 oz. Specially formulated pellets made for baby & juvenile turtles. Fresh proteins & fats, so your turtle will grow strong & steady w/the appropriate nutrition.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made with an abundance & variety of fresh seafoods
  • Natural pigments in salmon skins for vibrant colors
  • High in calcium with the proper ratio of phosphorus for healthy & strong shell growth

Our Omega One Natural Protein Formula Juvenile Turtle Pellets are small, specially formulated turtle pellets made for baby and juvenile turtles. With an abundance of fresh proteins and fats, your turtles will grow strong and steady with the appropriate nutrition. It contains the correct amount of calcium, phophorus, and vitamin D3 for great shell growth. You can also feed these to your young newts or frogs.