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Nylabone Double Action Round Ball Dental Chew

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Brand: Nylabone
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Nylabone Double Action Round Ball Dental Chew

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6"; length, two in one chew features durable ends for powerful chewers and a minty fresh rubber center. Dental nubs help control tartar. Non-toxic, safe for pets.

  • Non-toxic dog bones are safe for pets
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Two-in-one dog chew features durable ends and soft rubber center
  • Dental nubs help control tartar
  • Minty fresh center keeps breath clean
  • Strong enough for power chewers

Dogs have a natural need to chew. Help promote positive chewing behavior in your pet with the Nylabone Double Action Round Ball Dental Chew. This special dog chew features durable ends, perfect for power chewers, and a soft middle that makes it easy to carry. Dog bones make a great chewing option for your dog, but not all bones are made alike. The Nylabone Double Action Round Ball Dental Chew comes with a variety of features that set it apart from other rubber dog bones. This dog chew includes hard bone-shaped ends that will hold up even to the power chewers in your household. The soft rubber center makes it easy for your dog to pick up and transport. If you’ve gotten one too many whiffs of doggy breath, then you’ll appreciate this toy even more. The minty rubber ball can help keep your pooch’s breath minty clean. The durable ends of the Nylabone Double Action Round Ball Dental Chew are covered with soft bristle-like nubs that promote your pooch’s dental health. The nubs on this dog chew gently help clean teeth and massage gums while your dog chews. Your dog will get a teeth cleaning without even knowing it! These dog bones toys also help promote general well-being. Chewing is an enjoyable activity for many dogs. When you provide the right toys, like this Nylabone chew, your dog can happily spend hours gnawing away at it. Chewing can prevent boredom and help your dog avoid developing undesirable chewing habits. This chew toy is non-toxic and completely safe for your dog. It is ideal for power chewers.