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Mutt Mitt Disposable Waste Pick Up Bags

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Mutt Mitt Disposable Waste Pick Up Bags

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Pack of 200, Mutt Mitt is better than any ordinary pet scoop bag. It's 100' convenient, clean and practical. And it can also be used as a water bowl.

  • Easy to use and environmentally safe
  • Secure, air-tight containment system
  • Can be used as a portable water bowl
  • Large pocket design picks up even the largest of messes

Clean up your furry friend’s messes with Mutt Mitt Disposable Waste Pick Up Bags. These top quality dog waste bags are specifically designed to make picking up pet messes easy and hassle-free. Two-ply design and puncture-resistant material provide you with the ideal tool for cleaning up after your pet. Simply wear a Mutt Mitt like a glove, use the exterior pocket to grab the mess, bring the bag over your hand to pull it inside out and voila! The mess is contained and your hand stays clean. Pet messes are a fact of life for dog owners. Whether you are walking, traveling or hiking, your furry friend is probably going to take a moment to answer nature’s call. When that moment comes, you don’t want to be caught empty handed! The easiest solution is to carry with you one or two dog waste bags; they are convenient and hygienic so can always clean up after your pet. The Mutt Mitt Disposable Waste Pick Up Bags are specially designed for dog owners to clean up after pets. The durable design is made with solid two ply material that can prevent leaks and other containment mishaps. Mutt Mitts are also puncture-resistant for added durability. The roomy bottom pocket is large enough to pick up even the largest of pet messes. That way, you don’t have to waste time with smaller bags that might not be designed for large pet messes. USA-made Mutt Mitt Disposable Waste Pick Up Bags come in large quantities so you can always have a few on your for when your dog needs to go outside. Packs of 100 contain dog waste bags on a hanging header card; you can tear off one bag at a time. Packs of 200 come in a box with a hanging tab; the box dispenses individual bags similar to a facial tissue dispenser.