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KONG Large ZIGGIES Puppy Treats

  • Individually wrapped for optimal freshness
  • Made in the USA
  • Low in fat, high in protein and calcium enriched for growing bones and healthy teeth
  • Unique chewy texture helps remove plaque and food debris
  • Highly digestible and compatible with younger digestive systems

Give your growing puppy a healthy, delicious snack with KONG Ziggies Puppy Treats. These highly digestible dog biscuits are specially formulated to help your puppy grow up big and strong. Irresistible Ziggies are calcium-enriched and include essential proteins that that are good for your pup. These delicious dog biscuits also make great dog toy treats; add them to a treat dispenser toy like a KONG Puppy to create an engaging and rewarding challenge for your dog. The nutritional needs of puppies differ slightly from those of adult dogs. Because they are growing more rapidly, they require a diet relatively higher in protein, calcium and other essential nutrients. With the right amount protein and calcium in their diets, puppies can grow up with strong bones and muscles. Puppies also need dog biscuits and food that is highly digestible because their digestive systems are younger and more sensitive. KONG Ziggies Puppy Treats are highly digestible dog toy treats that include calcium and protein for growing puppies. They are also low in fat, ensuring that your puppy gets only essential nutrients for healthy development. Their chewy exteriors are ideal for helping to clean your puppy’s teeth and freshen doggie breath. KONG Ziggies Puppy Treats make great dog toy treats as well as stand-alone snacks. Feed them on their own or serve them up in a treat dispenser toy. Ziggies are made in the US. They are available in two sizes; select the one that is appropriate for your puppy.