Hillman Sign Center -- Dog on Premises

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14.5"; L X 7"; H, Die cut, bone shaped sign lets everyone know you have a dog. It is a nice, friendly reminder and/or warning. Blue background & black border makes the white letters stand out. Best for use with sign stakes.

  • Ready to use and hang
  • Made out of durable plastic
  • Ready to use and hang
  • Hillman Sign Center -- Dog on Premises, 14.5" L X 7" H

Our Hillman Sign Center -- Dog on Premises sign is a friendly reminder/warning that anyone planning to come onto your property should know about your pooch. Whether it is a warning for intruders or a reminder to your family that they risk being loved to death by your furry friend, this sign comes in a fun, die cut, bone shape. This sign has a blue background, a black border and bright, white letters that really catch your attention. There is no overlooking this sign! Best used with sign stakes.