High Tech Pet Radio Mat Pet Training System Extra Mat

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Additional Radio Mat. Can be used as an accessory to any Humane Contain Electronic Pet Fence. Scat pad triggers harmless stimulus every time your dog touches it. Only effects the pet wearing the transmitter so its safe around kids.

  • Safely teaches your pets to stay away from areas you want to protect
  • Extra mat for Radio Mat Training System
  • 3 modes of operation including shock, sound or shock/sound combo
  • Works as a stand alone system or with Humane Contain Electronic Pet Fence
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Coded radio signal prevents false triggering

This Radio Mat Extra Transmitter Pad works with any Humane Contain Radio Receiver Collar to keep your dog out of restricted areas such as trash cans, furniture or even an entire room when placed by the doorway. When your dog steps on the pad, it emits a coded radio signal that triggers the stimulus on your dog's collar. It also gives you optional sound blast mode to reinforce the collar's shock stimulus. Place as many extra pads as you wish, anywhere your dog is not allowed to go.